John and Hank Green: Cupcake-fighters


Extra large promo poster, sold out show, hundreds of expected guests, teen girls falling over themselves with excitement…I had to find out who these 2 were.  I call it the night of the the Nerdfighters.  I’ve made many cakes for the nerd community, but I have to admit I don’t spend a lot of time on the internet, which is where the Green brothers are most famous.  So, I did some research.  At first I was confused because I thought Nerdfighters didn’t sound like a very friendly group of people, but it turns out it’s a community of sorts for people who don’t always go with the flow or just so happen to not be Decepticons, which is something I fully support.  I decided John Green and Hank Green deserve a cupcake in honor of there contributions to the sci-fi, geek, fantasy, and generally awesome communities.

On the left, Hank is holding a Lemonade cupcake, and his brother, John, has a Chocoholic cupcake.  Here is an image of their personalized decorations.

From watching numerous videos online, I gathered that the image on the left is known as the Nerdfighter gang sign, which can be formed with a double palm in, crossed armed, vulcan salute.  The other is French the Llama, which I don’t think I could ever pull off in a sentence, but John seems to do it rather effortlessly.  I also made some cupcakes for the fans, as well, but let me first show you the moment I realized I was going to need a lot of cupcakes.

Some fans waited 6 hours in line to make sure they were going to get the best seats in the house.  This is the longest line and greatest number of people I have ever seen for an author event at Third Place Books.  I’ve only heard stories of Sir Paul McCartney’s visit, but now I know those were not exaggerations.

DFTBA, Don’t Forget To Be Awesome, is a motto I think everyone can get behind.  I hand wrote this message in white chocolate on our Boston Cream cupcakes.

Since there were so many members of the female population attending the event, I decided to go for something super girly.  Pink buttercream, shimmer spray, and tiny hearts for all the lovely Nerdfighteria, especially the ones who made their own shirts and costumes.  Go Team Nerdfighter!

Lastly, I have to say, this is a pretty cool tour van.  Apparently, there are companies that you can rent personalized vans from just for tours for things like bands, authors, comedians.  If Cake Kitty ever goes on the road, I hope I can travel with this kind of awesome style.  If you’re a big fan of these Vlogbrothers, then I hope you too will be able to enjoy this sight in a town near you.

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  1. Terry Flynn says:

    Yeah Kitty! Great job! Terrific post!

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