Hippos are Mean


I never read into the choice of animal on anyone’s cake…unless it’s a narwhal stabbing a panda…I simply try to make them as cute as possible.  However, I have thought hypothetically about what a cake animal choice might say about the recipient.  This customer was inspired by an undoubtably cute card she found for a birthday, and it was  up to me to turn it into a cake.

Hippos can easily be made cute, especially when wearing tutus and prancing around to Disney music.  However, last I checked, they tend to be aggressive, territorial, and anti social, which aren’t traits you would want your child to present.  Monkeys are also a favorite among parents.  Although monkeys are closely related to humans from an evolutionary stand point, they also have a tendency to throw poo.

Birds in general I can’t complain too much about; in fact, I think a lot of birds are pretty amazing.  All I can say is I find them a little strange and unpredictable at times, and they’re not very cuddly, but still cute…especially fluffy baby birds.  I do draw the line at vultures, blue jays, mockingbirds, swans, emus, and sulpher-crested cockatoos.  I probably just got off on the wrong foot with that one cockatoo, but he gave his species a bad rep in my book.

I could go on and on about what I think of animals, but instead, let me sum up with a couple of top 5 lists.


Here are my top 5 offensive animals for baby cakes:

5. Cats: Antisocial, self-centered, destroyers of things, skittish, apathetic, and they clean themselves with their tongues

4.Sheep: Although somewhat intelligent, the whole flock mentality sets the bar low for a child

3.Koalas: Lazy, grumpy, aggressive, sleep all day, fight constantly with eachother

2.Bears: Powerful killing machines…cute, yes, but they will kill and eat you given the chance

1. Pandas: Unintelligent, lazy, sedentary, junk food addicts


Top 5 underrated cute animals for baby cakes:

5. Chinchillas: Plenty of mouse cakes, but I think these guys are way more awesome and adorable

4. Bush Babys: Ancestors to monkeys, minus the throwing of poo

3. Manatees: Plenty of cow cakes, but where’s the love for the cows of the sea?

2. Platypus: It’s unique, adaptive, and surprisingly venomous

1. Tree-Kangaroos: Forget pandas, we need to be saving these amazing creatures


My favorite is the wombat, but luckily, if you ask me to make a baby cake I’ll most likely put a bunny on it.

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