St. Patrick’s Day 2012


The sheep have arrived, and this time, they have a new friend.  Last year customers really enjoyed the Sheep cupcakes, so this year I unveiled the Black Sheep cupcake.  I actually had this idea last year, but I hadn’t perfected the flavor combination.

I used the same icing as the Chocoholic cupcake on top of a dark chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate custard.  This is a triple chocolate threat with an adorable little face.  Here is his counter part returning for year 2.

The face is a little different from last year.  The old face always bothered me because the ears were too small.  Up next is another new kid on the block, Guinness cupcakes.

These are chocolate stout cupcakes of my own personal creation.  The icing is irish cream buttercream which works really well with the malty flavor of the cupcake.  Carrying on with the Irish alcoholic tradition we have the Irish Cream cupcake.

These returned for a second year, and always do very well.  It’s got custard filling inside a milk chocolate cupcake with irish cream infused whipped cream on top.  This last one I’ve mentioned before, but this is a much better picture.

Simple, yet always a crowd pleaser among the little ones, Rainbow cupcakes come but once a year because they take forever to make.

Also this month key lime is making a return in the Key Lime Chiffon cake and new this year, Key Lime Tarts.

These are similar to the Lemon Tarts, but less tart and equally delicious.


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