Cupcake Wedding: Red Flowers and Birds


This is another order you’ll have to use your imagination on.  The color choice and elegant simplicity really make this design.  There wasn’t a whole lot of lead way on this order.  With two weeks before the event, I’m really happy the bride knew exactly what she wanted.  She had already picked out her topper and requested polka dots and flowers.  The rest of the design spoke for itself.

The couple rented our flat top cupcake stand that are perfect for holding a cutting cake on top and displaying cupcakes.  The cutting cake is a carrot cake with cream cheese icing, which really brings out the rustic charm of the figures the couple found on Etsy.

I accidentally forgot my drying rack at home when it came time to make the gumpaste flowers.  Luckily, I found the perfect replacement.

My favorite part of this order were the non-traditional cupcake flavors.  A wonderful part of smaller wedding surrounded by closest family and friends is feeling comfortable enough to provide them with fun and delicious flavor choices.

The couple chose Classic Lemon (above), Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Coconut (below) with the option of toasted coconut.

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  1. Kelly L. says:

    Kitty – You made this fabulous cake for my wedding (Sean and Kelly). It was absolutely gorgeous and delicious! Many of the guests commented on how beautiful the cake was and how delicious each flavor turned out. I even received emails the next day asking where the cake came from! Thank you for being a part of our special day! I am especially grateful that you met with us only 2 weeks before our wedding and signed on to design and produce the perfect wedding cake. I would recommend you and HoneyBear Bakery to anyone! Cheers, Kelly

    P.S. We should be getting our wedding photos back from the photographer any day now, and I will be sure to send you copies of the cake photos.

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