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In the midst of a busy work week, I decided to take a moment for Reddit.  My boyfriend (David) and I are big fans of Reddit.com.  For those unfamiliar, Reddit is an widely popular social news site with user submitted content.  These links and posts are then “upvoted” or “downvoted” by the rest of the community.  This allows the highest ranked content to rise to the front page.   It was actually none other than an anonymous Reddit user was kind enough to add color to my Cake Kitty logo sketch.

David frequently shares my various cake designs and “celebrities with cupcakes” posts with the Reddit community.  It is because of that community that many thousands of individuals have been exposed to my site who normally wouldn’t have visited it.  They generally have very kind and thoughtful comments and I appreciate them all.  So when David told me he was celebrating his “Reddit Cake Day”, I knew I had to make him a cake!

The “Reddit Cake Day” is the yearly anniversary of when a Reddit user signs up for the site.  This is represented by a small cake icon that appears next to their username.  It was only natural to create a Reddit themed cake for David.

What you see is the popular “Reddit Alien” mascott inside an orange spaceship that I designed to mirror the orange “upvote” arrow used on the site.  It took me about 5 hours to make the cake.  It normally takes me less time to make a cake, but the summer heat is not my friend.  I had 2 fans going, throwing powdered sugar all over the kitchen.

The cake is a 10 layer chocolate ganache cake covered in fondant.  I made the little alien dude out of fondant, but opted for gumpaste for the wings of the ship.

I’d also like to point out only my boyfriend and I will be enjoying this cake, in case anyone was freaked out by the lack of gloves.  I have to use gloves in the bakery, but I must say, nothing beats the awesome technicolor died hands at then end of a homemade cake session.  Now that I’ve got this cake done I’m moving on to a cake that looks like Mickey Mouse, and then a wedding cake, but I’m glad I had the opportunity to play around in the kitchen.

Happy cake day David!

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  1. Terry Flynn says:

    Very sweet.

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