Amy Roloff: Little Cupcake, Big World


Most famous for appearing in the TLC series Little People, Big World, Amy Roloff stopped by Third Place Books to promote her latest cook book “Short and Simple.”  Amy Roloff admits she never went to culinary school, but she loves to cook, and she loves activities that bring the family together, so her cook book is a collection of simple meals and treats that everyone can be part of.

The Roloff farm, which the TV show was filmed on, is located in Oregon, making the Roloffs local northwest celebrities.  The amazing playground sets built by Amy’s husband Matt Roloff are what really drew me to the show, and made farm living look cool and exciting.  However, it’s Amy’s work outside of the show that made me want to give her a cupcake.

The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation is a group that focuses on giving back to youths that face personal life challenges.  Foster children, children with disabilities, and low-income families are just a few that have benefited from this amazing charity organization.  There are so many wonderful events, activities, and ways to give back through their website.  You can donate time, money, food, toys, etc., providing all sorts of ways people can help out those in need.

There’s also a lot to be said about the show.  It was the first of its kind to show how little people live their everyday lives, facing life’s obstacles from a unique point of view.  The show also avoided sensational and outlandish situations like many other reality TV shows tend to do, opting instead to simply present everyday life from a different perspective.

The cupcake I gave Amy Roloff was inspired by her book.  I gravitated towards her mouthwatering breakfast recipes.

I made a frying pan and eggs out chocolate.  I admit they unintentially came out looking like a face, a very scary face, but it was my first time building up a 3D chocolate decoration piece.  The cupcake is carrot with cream cheese icing, which was inspired by the Roloff farm and country kitchen, where many of the recipes in the book were prepared.

I’m so happy Amy made the journey, driving herself, all the way from her home in Oregon to come and visit us at Third Place Books on a dark and rainy night.  She took her time to meet with everyone that came out to see her and write personal messages in everyones’ books.  She answered questions in depth about her book, life, and personal philosophies.  She is no different from the person everyone loves on the show, and I highly recommend her cookbook to those learning to cook and those looking for activities to share with their family.  It also makes a wonderful gift!

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