Baby Rump


Baby Rump Cakes are a growing fad that when done right are fun and adorable.  I’m really excited I got a chance to make one.

I have to admit, I called this cake a Baby Butt Cake until I noticed Wilton calls them Baby Rumps.  I’m probably still going to call them Butts because Rump is confusingly similar to rum.

The cake is a coconut custard chiffon cake iced with buttercream.  The decoration on top is done in fondant.  I tried out a new product to get the smooth crisp lines in the chevron print, sugar paper.  The design and colors were bits and pieces taken from several wonderful cake images provided by the mother-to-be.

I’d also like to add that the Wilton wedsite suggests using rice krispy treats to make the butt, legs, and feet.  I feel like that would just make it lumpy.  I made mine out of sculpted layered cake with a thin layer of buttercream.  I also believe most people prefer their cake to be made out of cake.  If they wanted rice krispy treats, then they should probably just order rice krispy treats, which makes me wonder if there’s a market for giant sculpted rice krispy treats.  Perhaps if they were gluten-free?

I’m really happy with the way it turned out, and it looked exactly like my sketch, so I hope the mother was happy with it, too.

A couple months later another customer saw this post and asked for the same cake but with different colors.


This one was trickier because gray isn’t an option for edible paper, so I had to make the entire blanket out of fondant.

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