Mickey’s Clubhouse


I get many requests for Mickey Mouse related cakes, but there are a lot of copyright hoops to jump through when it comes to any part of the Disney franchise.

There are plenty of decorators willing to work under the table out of their home kitchen to make a customer’s dream cake, and you can probably save some money getting a cake from someone who doesn’t care about the law or have to answer to the health inspector.  However, for those who are willing to work with us, here are a couple of designs we’ve put together in the past.  Both customers had figures they were going to add later.

I used to make a licensed Mickey’s Clubhouse cake when I worked for a grocery store, and I remember it had a lot of gears on it.  I have a lot of fun making gears because you can just let your mind go and fall into a rhythm of circles and grooves and lines.


I like using primary colors for very small children’s cakes because I know it will spark their simple interests.  You only need yellow, blue, and red to represent colorful.  The in between colors can make it too complicated, and less interesting to very little ones.  The glove was key to this cake.  It’s the only part of Mickey’s look I knew I could use because it’s the same as Bugs Bunny’s glove and the Mario Brothers.  A white glove is a glove is a glove.

Here’s another cake that is much larger and much trickier to decorate because they insisted on whip cream icing.


I had to make all of the gears out of chocolate instead of icing, which took up all of their allotted free decoration.  I would have liked to add more flowers or rocks, but they assured me they would find some figures of Mickey and his friends to fill up the rest of the space.

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