Musical Sweet 16


This particular cake design was inspired by my 3 leading questions to get inside the mind of a teenager.

The setting was a pop music party to celebrate a soon to be 16 year old’s birthday.  Other than that, they really didn’t know what they wanted the cake to look like.

Here are the questions:

What’s your favorite band and /or singer?

What’s your favorite store to buy clothes and/or designer?

What’s your favorite color (the more specific, the better)?

From these questions I actually came up with 9 quick cake sketches.  Out of those designs they found a design they liked, and I made it a reality.


The 16 on top is made from gumpaste.  The stars are made from white chocolate.  Everything was made as glittery as possible because the icing on the cake itself doesn’t hold glitter.  I really enjoy doing Sweet 16 cakes because they have the same thrill of a wedding cake, but a lot more color and fun designs.

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