Cutesy Star Wars Birthdays


I love Star Wars, and I love cute, so I was super excited when my friend gave me an opportunity to combine the two.

 The first cake was for her daughter’s birthday.  I knew that meant Princess Leia would need to be involved, and everyone loves R2D2.


I imagined Princess Leia as a Disney Princess and gave R2D2 a slice of cake to put together this little gem.  I came up with an alternate image, too,  involving young Princess Leia having a tea party, and I hope to make that one a reality someday.  I should also mention I had one of my wonderful male co-workers pose for me to make this cake because I was having trouble figuring out the foot placement for Princess Leia.  I promised him no photos, so you’ll just have to take my word that it was hilarious, and he was a champ for doing it.

This next image was for the same friend for her brother’s birthday.  She got such a great reaction with the first one that she asked me to do another one with Darth Vader.


For this one I imagined Darth Vader as a little kid.  I found an image of a chibi version of Darth Vader from the comic book and manga artist Joe Wight, who has an adorable collection of several chibi Star Wars characters.  It was difficult to get the amount of detail like the original image because cream cheese icing isn’t as smooth at chocolate or buttercream, but I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

I really enjoy making Star Wars cakes, and all things nerdy for that matter, but the copyright laws are so very tricky.  Here’s a cake I made for a customer.


Allow me to share with you some of the copyright loopholes surrounding this cake.  First off, those green and red stick things in the front are just that, green and red stick things.  There are no discernible details that make them light sabers.  Second, the word Jedi refers to the Jedi Knight Church, an official religion in some countries including ours, which can be as freely used in proper context just like shaman, priest, friar, etc.  I also wrote out Happy Birthday in the Star Wars font, and since it’s icing, it would be impossible to prove I actually used the Star Wars font.

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