Summer Wedding Cake


A combination of colors and textures come together to create a one of a kind Summer inspiration.

The first thing this couple mentioned to me while coming up with this wedding cake design was that they wanted to incorporate an Indian color theme, which meant lots of bright and vibrant colors.  I only just recently came up with a method for increasing the vibrancy of my buttercream icings, so I was excited to have an excuse to show off my skills.


The bride came all the way to the Honey Bear Bakery to have her wedding cake made from the Fruit and Cream cake with her own special fruit combination (kiwis, peaches, and strawberries), and wanted to make sure I wouldn’t leave out the white chocolate on the outside, the way the cake used to be made at the Greenlake location.  I did the fade using airbrush, which made placing the flowers very delicate work because any ding or nick in the orange would not be repairable.

The topper came after I mentioned my friend had just recently had a Hello Kitty inspired wedding cake.  The bride set out to find one that would fit with the theme of her own wedding cake, and I did my best to incorporate some of the colors in the design.

Here is their 1st year anniversary cake.


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