There’s a fad going around, and it goes by the name of Slenderman.

  When I was a kid I liked a little show called Doctor Who, and no one my age had ever even heard of it.  That didn’t keeping me from doodling in my notebooks or babbling onto my friends in the school yard about the last episode I watched.  This is why I was very excited to help my co-worker surprise his son with a cake made in honor of his favorite new game.


For those of you not in the know, Slenderman started out as a meme just a few years ago as part of a supernatural photo editing contest and has since then turned into a popular game for tablets.  I wanted to make a creepy super tall figure hiding among the trees, but I later realized Slenderman looks like he’s shopping for a Christmas tree…or perhaps hiding to steel unsuspecting children?

The most important part of this cake was actually the detail on the sides.


The game features several collectable notebook pages with creepy images and messages scrawled on them.  I made them extra creepy by being sure to include one with the birthday boys name on it and one with his age.

Now I know the icing looks a little wonky, so allow me to explain.  My co-worker has been making his own cakes for several years, and this is the first time he allowed me to make it for him (probably because he was so jealous of all the other cakes my other co-workers were taking home).  When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted, he told me to do whatever would mimic the flavor of the grocery store baking isle pre-made nonsense.  I went with brownie icing because it is super sweet, chocolatey, and has a very similar consistency to that stuff in the little white tubs.  The only drawback to using brownie icing is that it’s heavy and goopy (that’s right, goopy!).  It’s not pretty, but it is delicious.

I’m told the birthday boy loved his cake, and I can’t wait to make them something else.

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