Craig Robinson: Take Yo Cupcakes Off


I found Craig Robinson performing his one of a kind comedy show at The Parlor Live Comedy Club in Bellevue.

  Craig Robinson is far from being a role model, but you’ve got to admit he has a very unique comedic style.  When I told my boyfriend I bought him tickets to see Craig Robinson his first reaction was “What’s he going to do?  Play the keyboard for a bit?”  Play the keyboard he did, and in doing so, he OWNED the room!


Craig Robinson is most famous for his role as Darryl on The Office, but I first remember seeing him in Knocked Up as the hilarious bouncer.  His smooth voice and deadpan delivery are what made him stand out for me, and his performance in This is the End made him unforgettable.  His comedy show was superb, and I really regret my choice for decoration on this cupcake.


In the movie This is the End he carried around a towel with his name on it on his shoulder for the entire movie (just like in the picture above).  I thought it would be cute to put the towel on the cupcake, but during the show, I realized I should have put panties on it.  He was selling T-shirts like the one he wore in This is the End with his famous “Take Yo Panties Off!!!” across the front.  He played a longer set since there was only one show our night, so we got an extra special experience.

The cupcake is Chocolate Blackberry.  It’s a variation on the standard Blackberry cupcake because Mr. Robinson’s smooth voice and love of the ladies said dark chocolate to me instead of white chocolate.

Craig Robinson in person is like a giant teddy bear.  He’s very down to earth and friendly; I’d want him at my party.  I think finding fame later in life has left him both humble and able to laugh at himself.  He took time with each of his fans to leave them with photos and autographs to commemorate their experience.  His show isn’t family friendly, but I recommend checking him out when he comes to your town.

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