Lemony Snicket: Unfortunate Cupcakes


Also known as Lemony Snicket, A Series of Unfortunate Cupcakes, is what I like to call my rendezvous with this well known author at Third Place Books.

Unfortunately, Lemony Snicket was unable to attend, so I had to give his cupcake to his handler, Daniel Handler.  I got the chance to meet Mr. Handler after a presentation in the Third Place Commons promoting the newest Lemony Snicket book When Did You See Her Last?, which is part of a series called All the Wrong Questions, which is a prequel to A Series of Unfortunate Events.  Still with me?  Alright, moving on.


The show was absolutely amazing.  Children and adults alike were rolling with laughter.  Kids sat on the edge of their seats awaiting the next bout of antics not having any clue what was going to happen next.


I gave Mr. Handler a blackberry cupcake mostly because his book was purple.  I added the Volunteer Fire Department logo to a chocolate magnifying glass with a toothpick.

Why does Daniel Handler deserve a cupcake?  I adore his personal sense of morality.  If I must sum it up I would simply say he believes in doing good deeds and less bad deeds in order to do his part to make the world better.  I think a lot of people get caught up in shaking their finger at people who do wrong, ignoring the wrongs they themselves have committed against their fellow man.  This is a great message to pass onto children.  If you’re kind to everyone you meet, treat them with respect, and do nice things, then people will often times respond to you in kindness and feel inspired to spread kindness to others.  Lightning bolts almost never shoot down from the sky to dispose of the wicked, so it’s up to individuals to make the world better.

I also like that he once said “never refuse a breath mint,” because that’s the same advice my father passed onto me as a child.

Mr. Handler was not only very entertaining, but also really great with his fans.  He stayed in character the whole time, at least I think it was a character, and created a special moment with each person in line.  I hope I didn’t make the people in line behind me uncomfortable as they were greeted with, “She brought me a cupcake.  What did you bring me?” as they approached the table.  The books are a great read for late elementary and middle school readers, and my autographed copy went to a well deserving 12 year old, who sadly missed out on the show.

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