Thanksgiving Cakes 2013


This year I got to make Thanksgiving cakes for two of my co-workers!  As always, they let me chose my own theme.  This year I was in a My Neighbor Totoro mood.


I can’t decide if he’s flying on the wind or farting fall leaves, both seem in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday.  This is obviously a Fruit & Cream cake with cream cheese icing decor.


It was actually very difficult to find Thanksgiving/fall themed images of My Neighbor Totoro.  I kind of wanted to do something like that Thanksgiving episode of Bob’s Burgers, but I have very little time to develop my artistic vision during the holidays.  This is chocolate decor on top of a White Chocolate Coconut cake.

This last one was for a co-worker who I remember mentioning had a young nephew.  Since Despicable Me 2 is due out in December, I figured he would love a minion cake.


This image can either be interpreted as a minion shooting at a turkey or a minion shooting turkey gun, both of which would be fitting for a minion.  This is our seasonal Pumpkin cake, but I switched out the whip cream for cream cheese icing, which I think is a far superior combination.  The nephew did indeed love the cake, and requested the slice with the minion on it.  Until next year…Happy Turnkey Day!

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