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This article is devoted to the cakes that are part of inside jokes, and probably don’t make sense to the general public.  There’s no time to explain them.  I’ll leave you links to begin your own research.

First up is a cake inspired by Cake Wrecks.  I have a soft spot for Cakes Wrecks, since in they played a part in me getting the job I have today, but I digress.


This next cake is inspired by the Shibe Meme.  I grew up with a Shiba as our family dog, but I don’t get the fascination with this meme.  This image was for a very dear friend and contains 13 different colors of buttercream.  I even took the time to look up how to misspell words.


This last one I don’t know where it comes from.  They told me to make a donut cat with very little instructions, so I got creative.  I used the same ear technique that I used on the Adventure Time cake.


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