Birthday Balloons


Another adventure of turning fondant into icing.

This cake was for a birthday and the personal details are what I like the most.


To save on time and money, the customer opted for buttercream icing instead of fondant, and only needed half the servings of the original.  The inside is our special February strawberry cake with fresh strawberry slices.  For the balloon detail I used colored white chocolate circles.  I used mini cupcake pans to make lots of perfect circles, which worked better than I thought and left me with a lot of leftovers.  Here’s a look at the original fondant design from Happy Cakes by Renee.


I’ve never seen this family in person, so I tried to keep the side image general and non specific, especially when it came to the dog and cat additions.  I was told they really liked the cake, and here is a photo of their own additions to the cake.


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