Hal Sparks: Lab Cupcakes


Hal Sparks is most famous for his role in Queer as Folk and comedic input on various shows on E! and VH1.  I found him recently at The Parlor Live performing stand-up.

I adore his nerdy and sarcastic humor that pokes fun at both the masses and the hypocritical with a dash of mind blowing scientific perspective and none of that sick and sad “getting older” humor that many comedians seem to fall into at his age.  He’s adorable and full of energy in person, just like he is on TV.


When it came to making a cupcake the bakery was divided on this one.  I loved his character Michael Novotny on Queer as Folk, but it seems not many people I work with watched that show.  I also liked his small bit in Spiderman 2, but it felt a little too obscure.  Everyone loves his commentary on Talk Soup and various VH1 series, but I couldn’t figure out how to work that into a cupcake.  People living with children love him on Lab Rats (hence the title), but at the end of the day I finally rallied every one behind one character.  Everyone loves Zoltan form Dude, Where’s My Car?.  With an 18% rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes this movie might potentially be considered bad, but we all really love it, and it’s our cupcake!


This is just a straight up chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream because I finally realized, I don’t need to showcase new flavors with celebrities, just give them something that tastes good.

I’ve never met a celebrity with a longer list of charitable contributions than Hal Sparks.  He’s participated and helped such organizations as AIDS Walk, American Diabetes Association, Humane Society, Farm Sanctuary, Lili Claire Foundation, and so many more.  He also straight up helped save a man’s life back in 2010 by performing CPR on a stranger at the airport.  He also supports the legalization of marijuana and gay rights even though he’s not a drug user and he’s not gay.  He regularly jumps at the chance to participate in various celebrity challenges such as building projects and sports to raise money and awareness for all sorts of causes that help out animals, politics, at-risk youth, and whole families just to name a few.  He’s a man of many talents, he’s stayed in great shape, and kids love him on Lab Rats, which is currently in its 3rd season, and I wish him a long and illustrious career.

He was so friendly with all of fans and took the time to chat and pose for pictures with everyone waiting in line to meet him.  He instantly recognized the symbol on the cupcake and let me know how much he liked it.

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