Bird Nest Cake


This cake was for an old friend.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull it off when he ordered it, but I knew I would find a way.

When you make a cake, you have to understand that it has a mind of its own.  It wants to sit flat.  I used to make these grand pirate ship cakes when I worked at the grocery store, and we used icing waves to mask the fact that the boat was not actually curved at the bottom.  The only other time I made a cake with a curved bottom was my katamari cake.  However, here’s the secret to the katamari cake: the bottom half is styrofoam!

This time, there was no styrofoam.  I used another trick instead.


This is a Raspberry Ganache cake with ganache icing and raspberry filling.  The eggs are chocolate cake covered in light blue colored white chocolate with a sparkly airbrush finish.  My friend asked for sprinkles, but I actually forgot about them while I was constructing the cake, so I stuck them on individually afterwards with a dab of ganache.

Let’s start down the path of construction.  Some sculpted cake bakeries use pound cake to hold the various shapes, but real cake is flimsy and fragile.  I began by hollowing out the top of the cake after it had been stacked.  I used a ceramic bowl to hold the hollowed out space once I flipped the cake upside down.  I knew all along that the cake was not going to hold its shape with just icing, and I needed the bird nest texture on the outside, so I turned to chocolate.  After I carved the desired shape of the cake I used chocolate, along with icing, to give it sturdy support.


Once the outside chocolate was set I flipped the cake right side up, iced the top, and put on the final details.  Putting on the chocolate is the best part.  I really love details, and the way the chocolate falls into place, looking more and more like a bird’s nest with each pass, is pure magic.  My friend told me it was perfect for a fiancé who’s in love with nests, and that’s all that really matters at the end of the day.

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