Hero Cakes


One of my co-workers had a very important celebration, and I got to do the cakes.  I surprised her with some simple, but very special decorations.

  The event was a cancer remission party.  I remember the moment my mother was officially in remission, and we celebrated with an amazing family dinner.  It’s a wonderful feeling to be in remission.  You feel like you can finally breath again, start planning ahead, and begin your life anew.  I wanted to honor her accomplishment and also give a nod to her love of nerd culture.


I’m not very good friends with my co-worker, but I noticed she always wears cute hats.  I didn’t have a lot of time to work on the cakes, so I wanted to come up with some distinguishing features to let people know that all the heroes on the cake were her.  I used the first letter of her name (making sure not to make it red) and added a cute hat to each hero.


The first image I came up with was the superhero saving the planet.  Fighting cancer can feel like the whole world is crashing down on you; you’re tired, nauseous, and you just want to hide away until you feel better.  When someone tells you you’ve won the battle, I imagine that makes you a superhero, and if she could, I bet you she would save the whole world.  As for the dragon, I’m really into making dragons out icing these days.  These are all freehand without images to work off of, so I had a limited selection of scenarios to choose from.


The Vegan Chocolate cake is always the trickiest because the icing is very uncooperative, so I used minimal colors.  This one was my favorite because I really like drawing ninjas.  Although, a true ninja would never been seen, not even in all black.  I also love making their tiny facial expressions, but that’s just because I’m an Asian girl.


This last one was a stretch.  Honestly, I had 3 solid ideas, and I struggled for a fourth.  I figured zombies are so hip right now that someone would get a kick out of it.  Personally, I don’t like to mix zombies and food, so I tried to keep them cute and silly.  My co-worker made the effort to thank me for the cakes after the party and said her favorite was the superhero fighting the astroid.  I think she’s amazing, and I hope she got my message…through cake.

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