Frozen Cakes, Not Frozen Cakes


Here is my contribution to the increasing popular Frozen birthday cakes, not to be confused with frozen cakes.

The first one up was for a friend, so I went to whole nine yards.


This is a cream cheese icing and follow up to the Princess and the Frog cake.  I’d also like to take a moment to point out how odd it is that Elsa is the fan favorite even though Anna was obviously the star and hero of the film.  I’m not hating on Elsa, I’m just saying I’d like to see more Anna cakes.

This next cake is for a customer who brought in their own pan.  This is something I’d like to do again, but maybe without the shaped cake on top.


I don’t usually like to decorate with colored sugar, but when it comes to giving something a “frosted” look, it just turns out awesome.  I also want to warn amateur cake decorators that icing an unusual shape, especially when it’s not flat on top, is incredibly difficult.  I had to use the pan itself as a guide for the detail covered by the icing.  To make matters more complex, this pan is for a pull-apart cake, so splitting the cake to add a layer of icing was especially “fun”, but I made it work because I knew I could, and I promised I would.  That might also be my new slogan.


Ask and ye shall receive.  My friend asked me to make her some cakes for a shared birthday party, and here’s what I came up with.


The first one is a Princess Anna cake made with buttercream.  I wanted to do something really detailed for each cake to try and make each of them special while keeping in mind I had to do 3 of them in one day.  Princess Anna has detailed embroidery on her dress and a couple swirls of flowers.


I know we’ve seen this one before, but I think it’s important to show the difference between the cream cheese icing decoration versus this buttercream decoration version.  The colors are more muted, but the ability to do tiny details is 10x easier.  The cream cheese also comes out a lot smoother, but I find it easier to do texture detail with buttercream.


I was really excited to finally do an Olaf on the beach.  It was kind of the deal maker for me.  This one is a Carrot Cake with cream cheese icing.  I put in as many accessories as I could on this to make up for the lack of tiny detail.  Sugar also melts on cream cheese icing, so I used cake crumbs to simulate sand.  I thought I’d be burned out on Frozen cakes after this round, but I think I’ve got a couple more in me.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

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