Circus Birthday


This is what you get when you tell the decorator last minute that you need a two tiered circus themed cake on the same day a wedding cake is due.

This was or my boss because there’s no way I’d let a customer get away with such nonsensical last minute ordering.  I received some images in a text message that were all fondant, and we don’t keep fondant on hand unless there’s an order.  After thinking about it for a minute, muttering angrily to myself, and eating a cookie, I started mixing some colors and threw this together.


This cake was for a little girl turning 5.  I made the 5 out of pink white chocolate and plenty of shimmer spray.  The strawberry on the top was just a leftover from the fresh strawberries inside.  I made the top tier deciding it would be my circus tent, and the green on the bottom was simply the grassy hill it was set up on.  After I stacked it and stuck on the 5, I discovered I still had some time to add tiny details because kids love tiny details.


The clown and the train cars were the easy part, but then I started to lose some creative juice.  One of the baristas requested a seal, so that made it in, and I had just made a giraffe cake earlier in the week, so I tacked a couple of those on, too.


The hearts on the elephant are a nod to the cake I made last year for the same little girl.  There are plenty of things I would have done differently with more time, but over all I think it looks pretty good for an hour and a half of fruit cutting, constructing, icing, and decorating.  The unfinished pearls of icing really irk me because I always round out my pearl borders, but not today, not with a day’s notice.

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