Safari Baby Shower


Many people have made this cake, which I only recently discovered, and there’s a simple reason why.

A customer came to me with an image of a cake she wanted me to make, but she knew it was a last minute order and too late to order fondant, so I did my best to recreate the cake with the tools I had on hand.


This is a ganache iced cake with buttercream decoration.  The little sign on top is made of white chocolate.  The giraffe’s head stands above the edge of the cake thanks to white chocolate decorated with buttercream icing.  I don’t want to talk about how I got the ridges on the signboard on top.  I didn’t have a cookie cutter in that shape, so it took forever, and sometimes I have nightmares about it.

The picture the customer brought me was from a very talented cake artist name Erica O’Brien and here is the cake she made.  Later, I was trying to look up the original cake and found a bunch more cakes that all looked very similar, which mentioned an invitation as the source of their inspiration.  This is the source of all of these very similar looking cakes.



A reasonably priced set of baby shower invitations that you can buy online from several different retailers.

In conclusion, I made a cake, based on a cake, based on a baby shower invitation.

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