About Kitty

Thanks for stopping by.  My name is Kitty and this page is a collection of some of my various adventures in cake and other yummy dessert creations.

I currently run the cake department for the Honey Bear Bakery in Lake Forest Park, Washington.  I work with a team of 3 bakers and together we use quality ingredients to create desserts from scratch.  Since I took over almost 4 years ago I have developed 4 new cakes for the permanent menu, 21 regular flavors of cupcakes / over 30 flavors of rotating seasonal cupcakes, 20 rotating seasonal cakes, and a dozen flavors of cheesecake.  I also like to throw in the occasional  tartlettes, cream pies, mousse cup, petit fours, and decorated cookies.  The best part of my job is special orders, creating personalized desserts for individual customers from weddings to birthdays and backyard barbecues to formal dinners.

I also like to draw and paint such as the image below colored in by an anonymous friend on reddit.

Feel free to reach me at Kitty@cakekitty.com

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